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8lb sledgehammer

Getting going in the Destruction Depot is super easy! Once the waiver is signed (you need to be 18 to do this - Parents/Legal Guardians will have to sign on behalf of their kids), there are 3 things to do...



There are two smaller rooms for 1-3 people & a larger party room for groups of 4 or more where you can smash whatever objects you desire!

There is a RIDICULOUS amount of ever-changing inventory from which you may choose. Dishes, laptops, TVs, glasses, so on and so on. Inventory is refreshed weekly!

Due to some ridiculous circumstances, we no longer allow outside breakables to be brought from home.


By the very nature of this activity, smashing objects in a confined space is dangerous (who would have thought?). To help keep our valued guests safe, we provide various articles of safety gear; coverall suits, hard hats, face shields, safety goggles​, work gloves. Safety gear is STRONGLY required to be worn. You're an adult. No one tells you what to do. However, glass in your eye makes a baby out of us all. And for the LOVE OF PETE, wear close-toed shoes. You're going to be walking around in LOTS of BROKEN GLASS. Seriously. No sandals, flip-flops, or Crocs. You shouldn't be wearing Crocs anyway, but you get the point.

We have MANY tools to help you destroy your chosen targets; destruction hammers, dead-drop hammers, mallets, framing hammers, baseball bats, crowbars, golf clubs. Pick your implement and get to it!

      GO TO TOWN

Whether you want to carefully measure out each and every hit, or simply destroy everything like a maniac is completely up to you! The room and the stuff are yours to do with as you please! Feel like spiking a mug off the floor like you just scored a touchdown? GO FOR IT! Feel like having a friend join you for a round of dish baseball? DO IT! Feel like teeing off with some faux china? FORE! Maybe you've bought an object that reminds you of the lover that just broke your heart. Bash each and every piece with an 8lb sledge. YOU DO YOU, BOO!

There is no wrong way to destroy your frustration...just make sure you don't take a whole wall out. This isn't Demolition Brothers.

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