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Room Fee: $20 per Person

This covers access to the rage room(s), the safety equipment, use of the destruction implements, & clean-up.  Check out the "Book Now" tab to book your session.

Breakables: Various Prices

There are many options in the area of what to break. We have items as cheap as $0.50, & it goes up from there. We have lots of value boxes & bundle deals. On a budget? No problem! Just tell us how much you have to spend, and we'll set you up!

Example Price Ranges:

Value boxes: $8 - $30  |  Electronics: $4 - $30

TVs: $10 - $50  |  Computer towers: $20 - $25

Dishes/Glasses: start at $1  |  Liquor/Wine bottles: $3

Laptops: start at $10 |  Rage Buckets: $10

Mystery boxes (a great value with oddball stuff!) $30

**Most guests spend between $30-50 per person, including the room fee.**

Length of Visit:

This question comes up a lot. How long do I get in the room? Our answer: 45 minutes or until you run out of things to break (whichever comes first)! We LOVE our customers, and we want you to have a great experience! No one appreciates being rushed along. That being said, please be courteous to other guests. I'm talking to you, kids that spent 2 friggin' hours in the room, wrapping yourselves like mummies in VHS tape. I'm sorry, but we have a queue of people waiting to wrap themselves like mummies. Please arrive on time and depart on time. It'll save the sanity of our poor staff rushing to clean and sanitize everything for our next appointment.

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